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Local, Global and Beyond

The 2024 Sofia University Global Conference, set for August 16-18 in Costa Mesa, CA, marks the pinnacle of our year-long exploration of holistic learning, mental health, and well-being. This esteemed second annual event expands its reach by accommodating both in-person and virtual attendees, showcasing a blend of global insights with local Californian hospitality. This year, we're excited to introduce satellite sessions in South Korea, China, and the UK.


Our conference is dedicated to pioneering an integrative approach to mental health and well-being. By fostering dialogue across diverse disciplines, we aim to enhance the understanding and application of both holistic practices and scientific knowledge, bridging gaps and encouraging collaboration. 


Costa Mesa, CA: August 16th to 18th; Combination of in-person and online component 

Experience transformation at Sofia University's 2nd Global Conference, the culmination of a year-long exploration into learning, mental health, and well-being. Our "global meets local" events will peak with a gathering from August 16th to 18th in Costa Mesa, offering both in-person and virtual participation. Set against the backdrop of our Los Angeles campus, this conference promises a unique blend of worldwide connectivity and local interaction, themed around "Enlightened Minds, Compassionate Hearts, and Embodied Wisdom."

Shanghai, China: June 15th; in-person session 

Embark on a journey of discovery at the Shanghai session of our global mental health conference, from June 15th to 16th. This event promises to showcase the rich tapestry of Eastern wisdom and Chinese culture, blending tradition with modernity. Hosted by the China Academy of Sciences Talent Exchange and Development Center, and co-organized by the Psychological Education Committee of the China Education Strategic Association, this conference is a collaboration between Sofia University in the United States and Beijing Zhongke Chuangjia Human Resources Consulting Co., Ltd. Join us for an enlightening experience that bridges the gap between East and West, highlighting the symphony of cultures and ideas shaping the future of mental health.


Seoul, South Korea: June 8th in person session 

At a pivotal moment in history, we face polarization and dehumanization across economic, social, political, and environmental spheres. This critical time demands profound choices shaping our collective future. The rise of artificial intelligence prompts a reexamination of humanity and civilization's direction. Korea's significance in this transformative era is notable, symbolizing resilience and global influence. As we stand on the brink of change, reflecting on transformations within ourselves, our nation, and the world is essential. Integrating Korean spirituality with Western psychology can pave a path toward understanding, harmony, and enlightenment. Join us at the Mosim Conference on this transformative journey.

London/Cambridge, UK: June 21st; in-person session 

Experience transformative discussions at the "2024 Sofia University Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health," hosted at the University of Portsmouth's London Campus on June 21st. Delve into existential themes in mental health and education through workshops like "Consciousness and Meaning: Navigating New Frontiers" and "Rebirth, Death, and Afterlife Experiences: The Continuum of Connection." Gain insights into managing emotional and spiritual challenges, envisioning a future where education supports holistic development and global mental health advancement.

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