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Global Mental Health Conference 2024 

Enlightened Minds, Compassionate Hearts, and Embodied Wisdom: An Integrative Approach to Mental Health and Well-Being

Join us for a transformative experience at Sofia University's 2nd Global Conference. This event marks the culmination of a year-long holistic exploration into learning, mental health, and well-being. Our series of "global meets local" events will peak with a gathering from August 16th to 18th in Costa Mesa, offering in-person and virtual participation. Set against the backdrop of our Los Angeles campus, this conference promises an unparalleled blend of worldwide connectivity and local interaction under the banner of "Enlightened Minds, Compassionate Hearts, and Embodied Wisdom."

Join us on August 16-18, 2024 



Converging Minds: Frontiers in Consciousness Research

Delve into the realm where diverse fields converge to explore the mysteries of consciousness, setting the groundwork for a holistic understanding of the human experience. This theme highlights the synergy between cutting-edge science and holistic wisdom, advocating for a multifaceted scientific exploration that (enriches our mind, body, and spirit comprehension.) 


Empowering Youth: Integral Health and Resilience Strategies

Focus on whole-person methodologies and strategies designed to empower the younger generation, equipping them with the necessary skills for crafting a resilient and inclusive future. This theme accentuates the pivotal role of technology, holistic education, and global engagement in developing new narratives for youth, underlining the importance of clinical insight in fostering mental health and well-being among young people. Project: Narratives for Youth-Redefining the Future: Engage with strategies to empower the younger generation, equipping them with the skills to shape a resilient, inclusive future. This project emphasizes the crucial role of global engagement in crafting new narratives for youth, by youth. 


Emerging trends and integrative approaches in Counseling and Well-Being:

This conference theme emphasizes the evolution and integration of emerging trends within counseling, aiming to blend traditional therapeutic techniques with modern innovations such as technology-assisted therapies, mindfulness, and comprehensive mental health strategies. It highlights the significance of a holistic approach to well-being, addressing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. The theme stresses the importance of cultural competence, ethical practice, resilience, and self-awareness, encouraging the exploration of these areas through case studies, training sessions, and discussions on counseling's future. It presents a forward-thinking stance on counseling, advocating for a multidimensional, inclusive practice in tune with societal shifts and psychological advancements. This approach seeks to enhance resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-understanding, underlining counseling's vital role in fostering overall mental health and personal development.


Educating the Whole: Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Experience the fusion of holistic evidence-based education principles with the latest in teacher education and pedagogy. Learn about empowering educators with innovative methodologies to create environments that foster students' intellectual, emotional, social, somatic, and integral development. This theme is a testament to the role of educators as pivotal agents of change in the narrative of holistic learning. 


Fostering Community Well-being: Integrative Practices and Wisdom Tradition

Exploring the profound impact of wisdom traditions on mental health and well-being. This theme delves into the importance of cultural diversity and traditional practices, merging ancient wisdom with evidence based innovative approaches to enhance community mental health.(bridging ancient wisdom traditions with innovative approaches to evidence-based community mental health.) 


Applied Research: Innovating Wellness: From Research to Reality 

"Innovating Wellness: From Research to Reality" is designed to bridge the gap between groundbreaking mental health and well-being research and tangible, market-ready solutions. This track will focus on the lifecycle of innovation in the mental health and whole person health space, from initial discovery through applied research, culminating in developing products, services, and interventions ready for widespread adoption. Participants will engage with leading thinkers and doers in a dynamic ecosystem to foster rapid prototyping, iterative feedback, and collaborative ventures. 


Integrating the Pathways to Peace Conference: "Integrative Pathways: Bridging Consciousness, Healing, and Peace"

It aims to synthesize the expertise and insights of pioneers across various fields to create a multidisciplinary dialogue focused on advancing well-being and peace on both personal and societal levels. This SubTheme will encompass interactive lectures, workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions, as well as submissions encouraging cross-pollination of ideas and collaborative initiatives.

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