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Global Conference Publications 

The Global Conference provides professionals, academics, and students with opportunities to share, collaborate, and gain recognition for their work through publications here. The Global Conference’s publications facilitates the acquisition of conference proceedings and post-conference distribution of content.

2023 Submissions

Jeremy P. Bieber

Musical Frequency, Interval, and Meditation 

Steven J. Gold

Birth of the Pain Clinic: An Essay on the Phenomenology and Politics of Chronic Pain

Bridget McGowan & Stephanie Witechowsky

Emotional Vulnerability and Induced Transpersonal Experience

Célia Vaz-Cerniglia

Parenting on the Margins: "parental exhaustion" in the Context of Diability

Eric J. Carlson 

The Future of Transpersonal Psychology and Spiritual Direction 

Etel Leit

The Power of the God Box in Overcoming Overthinking and Obssesions

James Thompson 

Theta-Infused Binaural-Beats Meditation and Mental Health: A Condensed Study Overview

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