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2023 Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health Recap

We are excited to share the success of our inaugural Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health, held in 2023. 


2023 Sofia Global Conference Key Themes On Advancing Mental Health

The 2023 Sofia University Global Conference is a three-day online event that unites mental health professionals, researchers, educators, practitioners, and graduate students from all over the world in diverse fields to explore innovative approaches for cultivating mental health and well-being.


Past Schedule Overview


2023 Pre-Conference Workshop

Embracing Embodied Wisdom: A Deep Dive into Heart, Mind, and Body Interconnection. View Here 

2023 Post Conference Workshops 

The immersive post-conference workshops, following the Sofia University Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health in August 2023, are more than just an extension of the conference—they are a practical space to transform discussions into actionable steps for your wellness journey. In 2023, we hosted three diverse workshops:

    1. Crafting Personal Wellness: A Post-Conference Journey into Holistic Health.

    2. ITA Symposium: International Perspectives on the Future of Transpersonal Psychology

    3. Fireside Chat: EDD on Dual Relationship


Each workshop offered a unique opportunity to delve deeper into key themes and explore practical applications for personal and professional growth. These workshops aimed to provide participants with valuable insights and tools to enhance their well-being and understanding of transpersonal psychology.

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