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Michelle Daly, PhD

Michelle Daly, PhD


MSPH, M.A., LPCC, ATR, IMH-E®Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist

HeartMath Certified Trainer (HMCT)

With a background in public health and holistic healing, Dr. Daly embraces passion for integration of multiple disciplines within the fields of arts and sciences. Dr. Daly’s dedication to integrative health and education includes academic and professional experiences in mathematics, environmental health, art therapy, counseling, transpersonal psychology, cognitive neuroscience, research, and clinical practices. Dr. Daly has served as Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, Art Director for the Creativity for Peace camp with Palestinian and Israeli young women, taught English as a Second Language (ESL), and engaged as interpreter and clinician for refugees and torture survivors. Along with her diverse global experiences, Dr. Daly promotes creativity and relational interconnectivity as well-springs for global health and well-being.


Dr. Daly’s extensive clinical experiences incorporate specialized training in Creative Arts Therapies; Grief, Loss, and Trauma; Interpersonal Neurobiology, Somatics and Action Methods; and Infant Mental Health as well as various trauma-specific treatment modalities. Dr. Daly has also developed, directed, and taught an Infant Mental Health certificate program that focused on interdisciplinary elements, preventative care, and healing within systems. Holding a doctorate in transpersonal psychology, Dr. Daly has concentrated on blending quantitative and qualitative research to explore intrapersonal, interpersonal, and global dynamics related to heart-based practices.


Engaging a service-oriented worldview, Dr. Daly’s experiences inspire her impetus and commitment to ongoing research, education, and clinical practices as pathways to integrated care and sustained healing for individuals, families, groups, systems, and global public health. Dr. Daly currently holds a position as Core Faculty at Sofia University and maintains a private practice.

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