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Gordon Montgomery

Gordon Montgomery

Gordon is Chief Experience Officer and founder of His mission is to transpersonally extend, include and evolve the future of human consciousness. He provides management consultancy coaching for international visionary leaders and those facing the global scientific diplomacy metacrisis. 


Gordon’s transpersonal psychology research (PhD, expected 2025) focuses on the topic of the relationship between Consciousness and Meaning. The work draws upon his background in Linguistics (BA, Southampton, UK, 1992); Software Engineering & Human Computer Interaction (MSc, Napier, UK, 1998); Consciousness, Vedic Science & Human Potential (MA,, USA, 2021); and Conscious Business Management (PhD, 2021, first year). In addition to certified practice around holistic healing and leadership coaching he spent decades building and directing customer experience design (CXD) organizations for international Fortune 500 organizations including: Arthur Andersen, British Telecom, Eli Lilly, Harvard, HSBC, Microsoft, NCR, Nokia, PerkinElmer, Staples, The State of Florida, University of Texas. 


An energetic speaker and educator, Gordon has shared his insights at prestigious institutions and conferences, including courses at the University of Texas and University of San Francisco. At the prestigious SxSW conference, he was honored with the Dewey Winburne Award for Community Service. He runs a podcast focused on raising consciousness to shine a light on those leading the way. His diverse interests, ranging from martial arts to ultra-running to veganism and disaster recovery, reflect his holistic approach to humanity and scholarship focus to address the nascent challenges of our time through the lens of consciousness research. 

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