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Aryana Arian

Aryana Arian

Editor-in-Chief/Founder of Perediza

Editor-in-chief, Aryana, started perediza after graduating with a BA in Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought from Bard College Berlin, Berlin, Germany, and her MA in Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins (UAL). She got the idea after thinking about wanting to do something special and unique in the humanities field while having it be very collaborative. She used her vast network, which she gathered through her life experience of living in 9 different countries to put perediza together.

Everything from the logo, the name, the colors, the cover, the brand image, and the contents of the magazine are meaningful and delicately picked by her. They all reflect the future and the past with fascinating historical and philosophical connections. Aryana chose 4 key topics that will be revisited with each issue of the magazine in the same structure, as she believes they leave enough room to explore different ideas and themes while remaining timeless. 

These 4 topics: climate change, art, style, and life are what she believes is the most significant and evolving issues of our time and the future: post-humanist/post-contemporary era. Aryana wants perediza to be part of the future of media: interdisciplinary, connected to technology yet also physical, made to provoke, ask why questions alongside the how questions, disengage with tradition and dissect society to reveal its flaws as well as potentials.

Together with a team of writers and creatives, pererdiza is a highly diverse publication including people from over 20 different nationalities.


The main purpose of perediza is to connect Eastern and Western thought, fostering peace and hope for the future of the younger generation through critical engagement and thinking.

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