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June 21, 2024 

Global Conference Symposium London

Join us on June 21st for the "2024 Sofia University Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health: Transcending Boundaries in Mental Health-Multidisciplinary Approaches." 

Location: University of Portsmouth's London Campus (221 Hoe Street, London E17 9PH)

Ticket Price: £30 (includes lunch)

Explore deep existential themes in mental health and education with workshops like "Consciousness and Meaning: Navigating New Frontiers" and "Rebirth, Death, and Afterlife Experiences: The Continuum of Connection." These sessions redefine traditional notions, exploring psychopathology and spiritual awakening intersections. Engage in discussions fostering transformative change, examining life experiences' impact on personal growth. Gain insights into managing emotional and spiritual challenges, envisioning education that supports holistic development and global mental health advancement.

Agenda for the Symposium on Consciousness and Meaning


9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Consciousness and Meaning: Navigating New Frontiers

Join us for an insightful morning exploring the realms of consciousness and its profound meanings. Our esteemed speakers include:

  • Dr. Jude Corrivan

  • Dr. Max Velmans

  • Dr. Les Lancaster

  • Dr. Dorote Lucci

  • Gordon Montgomery

LUNCH BREAK   12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


1:20 PM – 2:20 PM

Redefine the Future: A Collaborative Vision for Change

Explore future-defining research and engage in collaborative discussions.

  • Perediza Magazine Research for Redefining the Future and Discussion
    Hosted by LSE workshop. Learn more

2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Rebirth, Death, and Afterlife Experiences and Cases

Delve into profound experiences and cases of rebirth, death, and the afterlife with:

  • Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

4:20 PM – 5:20 PM

The Continuum of Connection: Bridging Psychopathology and Spiritual Awakening through Empathy and Altruism

Join us for an enriching session on the connection between psychopathology and spiritual awakening.

  • Dr. Steve Taylor


5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Closure Panel

Conclude the symposium with a panel discussion summarizing the key insights and future directions.

Attend special sessions on psychopathology and spiritual awakening, and workshops on rebirth, death, and afterlife experiences. Network with leading minds, gain insights, and contribute to the mental health dialogue. Whether you're a health professional, academic, or mental health enthusiast, join us at the "Transcending Boundaries in Mental Health" symposium on June 21st at the University of Portsmouth London Campus. Experience enlightening discussions and innovative approaches to mental well-being, shaping the future of mental health.


**There will be one educational badge offered for attendance (participation) and one Global Interdisciplinary Transpersonal Badge


Speaker Introductions

Dr. Carol Humphreys

Dr. Carol Humphreys

Dr. Carol Humphreys President of Sofia University. Since 2021, has served as Provost, Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Sofia University. During that time, she developed and implemented the 2023-2025 Academic Master Plan, led a successful WSCUC reaffirmation of accreditation and site visit, collaborated with Global College on multiple international initiatives, led the Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility Task Force, and created two institutes (the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and the Institute of Applied and Professional Studies). Humphreys also submitted and received approval from WSCUC for five new programs and prioritized the in-person population of Sofia’s Costa Mesa campus post-COVID. In her spare time, she has enjoyed teaching sand-tray therapy to Sofia University’s MA in Counseling Psychology students.

Prior to her tenure at Sofia, Humphreys served as an education consultant with clients such as Marin County Health and Human Services and Behavioral Health Recovery Services where she reviewed clinical training programs and led successful APA and CE accreditation processes. From 2011-2018, Humphreys also served as Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs, ALO, Acting Dean, Executive Faculty, and Faculty Senate Co-Chair at Saybrook University. As Executive Faculty, Humphreys’ courses included humanistic psychology and therapy, therapeutic interventions, ethics, and dissertation research. She has also taught as an adjunct faculty member (Miami University, Chapman University, Brandman University, The Wright Institute) and her courses included developmental psychology, counseling psychology, abnormal psychology, death and dying, cognitive psychology, substance abuse, marriage and family therapy, and psychopathology.

Dr. Dorote Lucci

Dr. Dorote Lucci

Dr. Lucci is the lead core faculty at Sofia University and Visiting Professor at Universite de Lyon. She unites various disciplines to enhance well being including, mindfulness, transpersonal leadership coaching, conscious business studies and transpersonal psychology. Holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, her innovative approach to mental health is informed by her experience in international business and marketing, adding a unique cross-cultural and social dimension.

Dr. Mary Kay Chess

Dr. Mary Kay Chess

Dr. Mary Kay Chess serves as the chair of the unique global DBA programs at Sofia University.  As a past executive in urban and rural complex organizational systems and multi-state networks, Dr. Chess continually invited practical innovation through systems thinking and leadership.  She comes to Sofia as an experienced entrepreneur committed to collaborating with diverse administrative and clinical stakeholders, external partners, and community members co-creating practical healthcare solutions.

Dr. Chess continues her commitment to teaching and mentoring as a professor of leadership, systems thinking, and complexity.  For over 15 years, she has been engaged in designing and leading academic programs and establishing co-learning with MBA, Ph.D., and DBA students.  She has served as chair and committee member of over 25 dissertations on topics ranging from building sustainable change in organizations, mindfulness in clinical settings, work as a calling, and nutritional aspects of well-being.  She is a sought-after national speaker for leaders recreating public health and safe communities within the United States.

As chair, professor, and life-long learner, she encourages creative and critical thinking, responsive partially right solutions to thorny challenges, and laughter on this journey of constant changes where we together, learn and create the emergent future

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

Dr. Schlitz is an acclaimed social scientist, award-winning author, and charismatic public speaker. She has conducted clinical, laboratory and field-based research into consciousness, human transformation, and healing. Her books include Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life; Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind Body Medicine; and Death Makes Life Possible (and companion film by same title). Having taught at Stanford, Harvard, and Trinity University, she is currently Professor of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, CEO/President Emeritus and Senior Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Dr. Sherria Hoskins

Dr. Sherria Hoskins

Professor Sherria Hoskins is Provost at University of Portsmouth. After completing her PhD she worked as a Research Assistant at the Human Assessment Laboratory (University of Plymouth), an Educational Consultant for Plymouth University's Educational Development Services and Lecturer on an open access, flexible learning psychology degree in the Educational Studies Department at University of Surrey. Just before moving to Portsmouth, she worked as a Senior Research Fellow examining predictors of achievement in nationally examined professional courses (funded by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). Her research interests include social cognitive approach to understanding learning behaviour (e.g. resilience, readiness for change, decision making) and achievement in learners of all ages. Specifically interested in what impacts learners’ self-theories (e.g. Implicit Theories of Intelligence, self-efficacy) and the effect of these on learning outcomes.

Dr. Max Velmans

Dr. Max Velmans

Max Velmans is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London, and a fellow of the British Psychological Society and the Academy of the Social Sciences. He was a co-founder and 2004–06 chair of the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. Mainly known for his development of Reflexive Monism, an integrative Western understanding of human consciousness as one manifestation of a conscious, self-observing universe his main research focus is on integrating work on the philosophy, cognitive psychology, and neuropsychology of consciousness, and, more recently, on East–West integrative approaches. He has over 130 publications on these topics, including his books Understanding Consciousness (2000, 2nd ed. 2009), Consciousness (2018) (a four-volume collection of major works), Towards a Deeper Understanding of Consciousness (2017), and the co-edited Blackwell Companion to Consciousness (2007, 2nd ed. 2017). He has been a Fulbright Scholar at UC Berkeley (1984), a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Westminster and Plymouth, and National Visiting Professor for 2010-2011 of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Government of India.

Dr. Steve Taylor

Dr. Steve Taylor

Dr. Steve Taylor is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, and the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality. He is a past chair of the Transpersonal Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. His new book is DisConnected; The Roots of Human Cruelty and How Connection Can Heal the World. His other books include Extraordinary Awakenings, The Clear Light,  Out of the Darkness, Back to Sanity, The Calm Center, The Leap and Spiritual Science. His books have been published in 20 languages, while his articles and essays have been published in over 100 academic journals, magazines and newspapers. He regularly appears in the media in the UK, including Radio 4’s Prayer for the Day and the BBC World Service. He writes blog articles for Scientific American, The Conversation and for Psychology Today. Eckhart Tolle has described his work as ‘an important contribution to the shift in consciousness which is happening on our planet at present.’ Steve lives in Manchester, England, with his wife and three children.

Dr. Jude Currivan

Dr. Jude Currivan

Dr Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, author, previously one of the most senior business women in the UK and co-founder of WholeWorld-View. Having grown up as the daughter of a coal miner in the north of England, she has since journeyed to more than eighty countries around the world and for the last twenty -five years has lived in the sacred landscape of Avebury. She has experienced multidimensional realities since early childhood and worked with the wisdom keepers both incarnate and discarnate of many traditions.

Jude integrates leading edge science, research into consciousness and universal wisdom teachings into a wholistic world-view. This underpins her work aimed at enabling transformational and emergent resolutions to our collective planetary issues, raising awareness and empowering fundamental change and sustainable solutions to global problems.

She holds a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Reading in the UK researching ancient cosmologies and a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University specialising in cosmology and quantum physics.

She is the author of seven non-fiction books currently available in 16 languages and 26 countries including CosMos – a co-creator’s guide to the whole-world co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo. Her first fictionalised e-book Legacy is available at amazon.

Her latest books are The Cosmic Hologram- In-formation at the Center of Creation (2017), the first book of the Transformation trilogy and which won a silver Nautilus Book Award. Book two of the trilogy The Story of GAIA: The Big Breath and the Evolutioanry Journey of our Conscious Planet (2022) has won a gold Nautilus  Book Award.

Her international corporate career culminated in her being the Group Finance Director of two major international businesses. She has extensive experience and knowledge of world events, international politics and global economic and financial systems and has spoken on transformational reforms in the UK, US, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

For the last two decades years she has also travelled around the world in service to planetary and collective healing, some of which is described in her books The 8th Chakra, The 13th Step and most recently HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth. In 2010 she was presented with a CIRCLE Award by WON  Buddhism International cited for her 'outstanding contribution towards planetary healing and expanding new forms of consciousness'.

In 2014 she was invited to become a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle that includes Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston and Ervin Laszlo.

In 2017 she co-founded WholeWorld-View to facilitate the understanding, experiencing and embodying of unity awareness in service to conscious evolution.

She is on faculty at Ubiquity University, Humanity's Team and the California Institute of Integral Studies  and in 2022 was awarded Meshworker of the Year by Integral City

Dr. Les Lancaster

Dr. Les Lancaster

Brian Les Lancaster is a Founding Director and Dean of the Alef Trust. He is also Professor Emeritus of Transpersonal Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, and an Honorary Research Fellow in Religions and Theology, University of Manchester. He has previously served as Chair of the Transpersonal Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society, as President of the International Transpersonal Association, and as a Board member of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. Les’ research interests focus on the cognitive neuroscience of consciousness and the connections between this topic and mysticism, specifically focusing on Kabbalistic Psychology. In addition to numerous journal articles and chapters in edited books, his published works include The essence of kabbalah; Approaches to consciousness: The marriage of science and mysticism; and Kabbalah in the transpersonal age: Psychology, mysticism, and soul (forthcoming).

Join us at the "Transcending Boundaries in Mental Health" symposium on June 21st at the University of Portsmouth London Campus.

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