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Francesca Nicolodi

Francesca Nicolodi

Managing Director of Perediza. Francesca Nicolodi has been the managing director of perediza since February 2023. She graduated from Bard College Berlin, A Liberal Arts University in May 2022 to then pursue an MSc in Social Policy at the London School of Economics. In the past, she has volunteered at her local charity to take care of vulnerable children during the Christmas holiday.   


Francesca is a Romani Italian who grew up in France and the United Kingdom. Her fragmented identity allows her to empathize with others’ internal battles with becoming oneself. Her interest lies in implementing change for the social inclusion and emancipation of stigmatized communities. Thanks to her four languages and background, perediza has welcomed an array of associations and multicultural people into its endeavors.   


Francesca's contribution to perediza dates back to January 2022, when she wrote an article in the life section of perediza issue i and produced promotional pictures for its launch. Since last year, Francesca has worked towards the expansion of perediza's network by finding collaborators dedicated to creating a space for young creators and contributors from all over the world. Perediza was able to enter new influential spaces, such as Dover Street Market and In Art We Trust in Notting Hill Arts Club, where art meets identity and self-expression.   

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