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June 8, 2024 


The Mosim Conference

Seoul, South Korea

Hosted by Sofia University

As a part of Global Mental Healthcare Conference

Co-hosted by Wind & Flow DAO & Inner City

We are at a pivotal moment in history, facing polarization and dehumanization across economic, social, political, and environmental spheres. This critical time demands profound choices that will shape our collective future. The rise of artificial intelligence prompts us to reexamine what it means to be human and the direction of our civilization.

Korea's role in this transformative era is significant. As a symbol of resilience and global influence, Korea's journey exemplifies the strength and determination of its people.

Sofia University, founded in California in 1975 with the motto "Transforming Lives. Transform Communities," is launching its graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology in Korea. This initiative aims to bridge Korean spiritual wisdom with Western psychology, fostering a deep connection between Korea's rich heritage and the global community. Sophia's goal is to help Koreans transform themselves, thereby transforming Korea and, ultimately, the world.

As we stand on the brink of change, it is essential to reflect on the transformations needed within ourselves, our nation, and the world. By integrating Korean spirituality with Western psychology, we can create a path toward greater understanding, harmony, and enlightenment.

The Mosim Conference invites you to join us on this transformative journey.

  • Time & Date: 1-6pm, June 8 Sat

  • Location: Episode Shinchon Lounge

About Sofia University

Sofia University, founded in 1975, is a private university in the United States that pioneers in the field of Transpersonal Psychology, which seeks to understand human experience beyond traditional academic disciplines. Beginning with the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), Sofia has evolved into a WSCUC-accredited private educational institution. Historically, Sofia University has focused on offering a master's degree program in Transpersonal Psychology, which encompasses scientific research into the full range of human experience, from trauma and dysfunction to creativity, intuition, and optimal functioning. Sofia University integrates a transpersonal approach into all of its curricula. Starting this July, Sofia University will launch a master's program in Transpersonal Psychology in Korean for Korean students seeking personal and societal transformation. We look forward to joining forces with the spirited community in Korea!

About Wind & Flow DAO

Wind & Flow DAO is a school, community, and network state in DAO form, bringing together individuals who seek to positively impact the world through personal transformation. In the midst of one of the greatest transitional periods in human history, we design the beginnings of a new community based on the values of "Mosim," "Sallim," and "Johwa" (compassion, livelihood, and harmony). Like the namesake wind and flow, we aspire to a life and society where the winds of culture flow freely. Pursuing a concert of life akin to a "good pan," we explore a new genre called Wind & Flow, centered around the band "Yangban," who seek liberation from the boundaries between stage and audience. We also operate Pulumool, a village bookstore, and The Studio HBC, a live music bar. Wind & Flow DAO, advocating for safe fences for personal growth, will unveil its concrete form in the latter half of this year.


Founded in Seoul in 2017, LIFE SHARE began as a camp where people shared vulnerabilities and engaged in deep discussions about life. Circle conversations that brought out inner essence, particularly among Koreans suffering from imposter syndrome, were both destructive and highly comforting. Evolving into a community, LIFE SHARE established the urban brand "Inner City" in 2021, specifically for inner explorers. Welcomed by urban shamans seeking a spiritual playground, Inner City established offline spaces in Jongno and Hapjeong. Currently, Inner City hosts spiritual parties in hidden cultural spaces, sponsored by Korean music entertainment and Won Buddhism, and is building a magic school for aspiring wizards.


Speakers / 연사

Carol Humphreys

Carol Humphreys

President, Sofia University

Carol Humphreys is no stranger to Sofia University and, since 2021, has served as Provost, Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Sofia University. During that time, she developed and implemented the 2023-2025 Academic Master Plan, led a successful WSCUC reaffirmation of accreditation and site visit, collaborated with Global College on multiple international initiatives, led the Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility Task Force, and created two institutes (the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and the Institute of Applied and Professional Studies). Humphreys also submitted and received approval from WSCUC for five new programs and prioritized the in-person population of Sofia’s Costa Mesa campus post-COVID. In her spare time, she has enjoyed teaching sand-tray therapy to Sofia University’s MA in Counseling Psychology students.

Prior to her tenure at Sofia, Humphreys served as an education consultant with clients such as Marin County Health and Human Services and Behavioral Health Recovery Services where she reviewed clinical training programs and led successful APA and CE accreditation processes. From 2011-2018, Humphreys also served as Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs, ALO, Acting Dean, Executive Faculty, and Faculty Senate Co-Chair at Saybrook University. In addition to leading a successful WSCUC reaffirmation of accreditation, she initiated summer sessions for the first time, instituted a new writing center, and facilitated the development of 11 new degree programs. As Executive Faculty, Humphreys’ courses included humanistic psychology and therapy, therapeutic interventions, ethics, and dissertation research. She has also taught as an adjunct faculty member (Miami University, Chapman University, Brandman University, The Wright Institute) and her courses included developmental psychology, counseling psychology, abnormal psychology, death and dying, cognitive psychology, substance abuse, marriage and family therapy, and psychopathology.



Professor Chung Tara Hyun Kyung, graduated from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul with the B.A. (1979) and the M.A. (1981). She holds the M.Div. from the School of Theology at Claremont (1984), a diploma from the Women’s Theological Center in Boston (1984), and the Ph.D. from Union Theological Seminary (1989). She is a lay theologian of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, as well as once having become a temporary Buddhist novice nun. In 1999, she lived for a year in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas studying meditation. She first came to international attention in 1991, when she made a now famous speech– a feminist/Asian/ Third World interpretation of the Holy Spirit–at the World Council of Churches in Canberra, Australia. She defines herself as a “salimist” (Korean Eco-feminist) from the Korean word “salim,” which means “making things alive.”

Professor Chung’s teaching and research interests include feminist and eco-feminist theologies and spiritualities from Asia, Africa and Latin America; Christian-Buddhist dialogue; Zen meditation; approaches to disease and healing in varied religious backgrounds; mysticism and revolutionary social change; Goddesses and women’s liberation in Asia; interfaith peacemaking; as well as the history and critical issues of various ecumenical theologies (e.g., Minjung theology, EATWOT theology, Gospel and Culture, interreligious dialogue).

Professor Chung tries to synthesize the wisdom of the worldwide people’s movements, spiritual legacies of Asian religious traditions, critical academic analysis, and the world of the arts in her theology. In 2006, she successfully extended an invitation to the Dalai Lama to speak at Riverside Church at a Union-sponsored event called Peace is Possible! She organized this week-long conference in collaboration with the International Interfaith Peace Council, of which she is a founding member and councilor, and with Peacemakers in Action. A charismatic speaker, her numerous lecture engagements, interviews, and televised appearances have taken place at universities and people’s movement settings throughout the world, and have been broadcast through the international media. She also produced an award-winning, eight-part series, “The Power of Women in World Religions,” on Korean Public T.V.

Professor Chung’s published works include Struggling to be the Sun Again: Introducing Asian Women’s Theology (1991); In the End, Beauty Will Save Us All: A Feminist Spiritual Pilgrimage, Vols. I and II, published in Korean, (2002); Letter from The Future: The Goddess-Spell According to Hyun Kyung, published in Korean, (2003); and Hyun Kyung and Alice’s Fabulous Love Affair with God (2004), co-authored with renowned American novelist, Alice Walker; as well as numerous articles.

Kim Yong-jae / 김용재

Kim Yong-jae / 김용재

Composer, Co-representative of the music meditation group Karensea

Mary Kay Chess / 메리 케이 체스

Mary Kay Chess / 메리 케이 체스

Chair of the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration at Sofia University

Dr. Mary Kay Chess serves as the chair of the global DBA programs at Sofia University. Sofia University has a 50-year history of leading the integration and application of transpersonal psychology.  The international and domestic DBA programs uniquely integrate key features of transpersonal psychology coupled with emergent business theories.

As an experienced executive in urban and rural complex organizational systems, Dr. Chess has continually invited practical innovation through systems thinking and leadership.  She comes to this academic leadership role after extensive experience as an entrepreneur and contributor in healthcare systems and multi-state networks collaborating with very diverse internal administrative and clinical stakeholders, external partners, and community members.

The engaged faculty co-creating with Dr. Chess in the DBA programs demonstrate this same commitment to supporting leaders of the future through the examination and integration of business and transpersonal psychology theories, applied research, and reasoned pragmatism.  These academic programs are set on the foundation of considering this tenant of declaring what is working and building on these strengths.

In addition to this administrative role, Dr. Chess thrives in serving as a professor of leadership, systems thinking, and complexity.  For over 15 years, she has been engaged in leading academic programs and supporting, mentoring, and establishing co-learning with MBA, Ph.D., and DBA students from many disciplines.  She has served as chair and committee member of over 25 dissertations on topics ranging from building sustainable change in organizations, mindfulness in clinical settings, work as a calling, and nutritional aspects of well-being. She is a sought-after national speaker for leaders recreating Public Health and safe communities within the United States.  Dr. Chess is also a certified federal reviewer of HRSA grants.

As chair, professor, and life-long learner, she encourages creative and critical thinking, responsive partially right solutions to thorny challenges, and laughter on this journey of constant changes where we together, learn and create the emergent future.

Bumsun Jun

Bumsun Jun

Vocalist, Yangbans; Cofounder, Wind & Flow DAO

Jun Bum Sun is a multifaceted Korean creative known for his radical eco-vegan activism and a unique blend of modern and traditional aesthetics. As a writer, publisher, poet, historian, and former restaurateur, he channels his progressive ethos through diverse pursuits. Most notably, he leads the rock band Yangbans, fostering harmony and balance among its members by drawing inspiration from Eastern philosophy.

A Dartmouth and Oxford-educated historian, Bum Sun's journey reflects a deep commitment to social change. His publishing company, Dooroomee, and the radical bookstore Poolmoojil, underscore his dedication to animal rights and grassroots activism. His involvement with the Animal Liberation Wave (ALW) further exemplifies his commitment to ethical living and environmental stewardship.

Bum Sun's philosophy, influenced by Donghak, emphasizes coexistence with nature and empathy for marginalized people. His work, both in music and writing, seeks to reconnect humanity with the natural world, advocating for a harmonious and interconnected existence.

Jaewon Choi

Jaewon Choi

Founder, Life Share / Inner City

Dorote Lucci

Dorote Lucci

Chair of Academic and Global Program Development/Strategic Partnerships for the Global Conference

Holding a Ph.D. in psychology focusing on transpersonal psychology and cognitive neuroscience, Dr. Lucci’s educational background is extensive, including a master's in international management and expertise in areas like mindfulness and clinical hypnosis. Dr. Lucci is passionate about the potential for positive change through transformational, whole-person, multi-sensory learning and immersive experiences. She also maintains a private practice, offering transformative and leadership support to her clients. She has a specific focus and experience in oncological psychological support. She has devoted much time and effort to the facilitation and connection through different phases of the oncological journey, specifically breast and ovarian cancer. She is an active facilitator and educator, conducting workshops and supporting group learning, and maintains a private practice. Fluent in English, German, French, and Spanish, she contributes significantly to international discourse in her field, with a business orientation in public relations and a business orientation in international public relations, leadership development, and management.

Caifang Zhu

Caifang Zhu

Caifang is chair of the Chinese PhD program in transpersonal psychology and  recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award at Sofia. He is a board member of the International Transpersonal Association and an adjunct professor at the Buddhist Academy of China. He has more than 30 papers published internationally and has translated Jung´s Psychology and Religion: West and East. Caifang has developed a model called Grounding and Communication as an Integrative Therapy known earlier as Meditation Initiated Integrative Therapy (MIIT). He has been practicing meditation and tai chi since early 1990s. He chaired Harvard Buddhist Community in 2003-2004 and was director of community service, Harvard Alumni for Mental Health in 2021-2022.

Caifang Zhu PhD is a core faculty of transpersonal psychology at Sofia University in California and lead faculty of the bilingual PHD program in transpersonal psychology at Sofia. He has been teaching Buddhist psychology to graduate students at the Chinese Buddhist Academy since September 2022. He has been sitting on the board of International Transpersonal Association since 2010. He founded Beijing meditation and counseling center in 2015 and has since then been the director of it. He received MTS degree from Harvard Divinity School majoring in religions and minoring in psychology. Subsequently, he received his Ph.D. in East-West psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. He has more than 30 papers published internationally and has translated Jung´s Psychology and Religion: West and East into Chinese. He has been practicing meditation and tai chi since early 1990s.

Marilyn Schlitz

Marilyn Schlitz

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz is a social scientist, author, speaker, and educator. She has conducted research on subjective aspects of human experience such as consciousness and transformation at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) using scientific methods. Her publications include "Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life" (co-authored with C. Vieten and T. Amorok), "Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind-Body Medicine" (co-authored with T. Amorok and M. Micozzi), and "Death Makes Life Possible" (including a film by the same name).

Having taught at Stanford, Harvard, and Trinity University, she currently serves as a Professor of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University and as CEO/President Emeritus and Senior Research Fellow at IONS. Dr. Schlitz has published hundreds of articles and papers in academic journals and popular magazines and has lectured extensively worldwide, including at venues like the UN, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Commonwealth Club.

Her research and teaching cover qualitative research methods, integrative research techniques, comparative epistemology on death and the afterlife, consciousness and healing, and grateful aging. Dr. Schlitz's research focuses on the intersection of consciousness, healing, and transformation. She integrates qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and has conducted research in various clinical settings, utilizing her diverse research experiences in her teaching and interactions with students.


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship - Stanford University

  • Ph.D. - University of Texas at Austin

  • Master's Degree - University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Bachelor's Degree - Wayne State University

Kelly Yi

Kelly Yi

Kelly Yi, Ph.D., has accumulated over 20 years of clinical experience working with individuals, couples, families, and groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, South Korea, and various institutions worldwide. He currently serves as the Associate Chair of the Psy.D. program in Clinical Psychology at Sofia University and leads the Master's program in Transpersonal Psychology conducted in Korean, which will commence in July in Korea. Previously, he held positions as a clinical faculty member at Stanford University and Palo Alto University.

Dr. Yi is passionate about providing healing experiences through meditation for marginalized populations. Since 1992, he has been active as a practitioner and mentor in various meditation traditions. He studied Religious Psychology and Comparative Religious/Spiritual Experiences as an undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara. In graduate school, he conducted original doctoral research on long-term mindfulness training and well-being, examining the experiences of long-term practitioners and teachers of mindfulness.

He served as a former Summer Research Fellow at The Mind and Life Institute and a research assistant on the leading edge Cultivating Emotional Balance project. He is a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance teacher. Additionally, he is certified in various approaches such as Realization Process as Meditation teacher, Induced After-Death Communications, Thomas Hubl Practice Group Facilitation, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, ACT, Psychodrama, Somatics, MBSR, MBCT, Chi Nei Tsang, Depth Hypnosis, Emotion Focused Couples Therapy, and Structural/Strategic Family Therapy.


  • Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology (Clinical Specialization) - Sofia University

  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology - Sofia University

  • B.A. in Psychology and Religious Studies - UC Santa Barbara, with honors

Hahn Ryu

Hahn Ryu

Director of Korea Office, Sofia University; Co-founder, Wind & Flow DAO

During my undergraduate years, I majored in Chinese literature and gained internship experience at an IT company in San Francisco before founding TEDxSeoul and experiencing decentralized organizations. Subsequently, I was involved as a founding member of the Bank Foundation Youth Startup Foundation's D.Camp, working to build the domestic startup ecosystem. While working on investment operations for the first domestic Bitcoin exchange, Korbit, I came to believe in the power and potential of blockchain and DAOs to change organizational and social structures.

However, despite investing in the blockchain industry by founding NodeOne, a blockchain technology company, in 2017, I concluded through seven years of experience that no matter how good blockchain technology may be, it will only have adverse effects if people are not prepared to use and leverage it effectively.

Looking back, my greatest interest has always been in communities and the relationships individuals form within them. Under the belief that individuals must change first to change the world, I am preparing a safe self-cultivation community called 'Wind & Flow DAO' where individuals can reveal their most vulnerable selves and heal trauma and shadows.

As the Director of the Korea Office at Sofia University, I planned the "Mosim Conference" to leverage Sofia University's entry into Korea.

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